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The Club

Lavalab is the premiere entrepreneurship society at the University of Southern California. Each semester, a new cohort of Engineers, Designers, and Product Managers are divided into teams of 4 and produce a semester-long startup project. During my semester over 300 students applied for the club and 28 were accepted. 

The Problem

Classroom and especially language learning are outdated with the rise in digital technologies available to students. While there are around 75+ million language learners each year in the USC, an astonishing 0.7% become fluent after their completed education in foreign language.


To aid in this unexpected lack of proficiency, my team at Dive looked to add context and immersion to the language learning process and digitize the classroom by creating a mobile app with inspiration from textbooks, existing classroom management, and Pokemón Go.

The Concept

Our app will have two users, the student and the teacher. The student will be able to contextualize vocab by taking a picture of an object, which will be translated through object recognition and AI into the language that they're trying to learn. Once they've "found" the object, they will be able to store the object in their dictionary and compete in challenges against their classmates.


The Card System

Dive at its heart is a collection game where users collect objects and then are able to practice speaking those objects and contextualizing those objects when they are translated on their phones. Once the user collects cards, they will be able to not only review them, but also be given quizzes based on the cards they've collected in a quizlet-style, "which word is tigre?" kind of way.

The Teacher

To improve the classroom experience, Dive will have a digital classroom management system, which will provide the greatest monetary value of all its features. Dive classroom management aims to allow teachers to take attendance, input grades, and assign work through minimal taps. No more looking through excel spreadsheets with 50 rows!


Dive is to be an enjoyable collectible card game experience, and so the design and branding is supposed to represent a fun, yet sophisticated theme of discovering new words, but at the same time retaining and practicing them. Because of this we choose a style tile that was varied in fun, but also sophisticate ideas. For example the lighter hues of blue and orange signify playfulness while Sans Serif fonts provide a clean and no-frills, distraction-free learning style.

Logo Design

In keeping with our brand identity blue theme, the team wanted the Dive logo to initially be a metaphorical reference to diving into a new language. However, after several iterations we decided that more context needed to be added. Finally, we decided on a logo with a plain "d" to signify our company and dive, but to also remind users that the collection is to be a dictionary of sorts. We choose the "d" instead of "D" in the end because we felt the uppercase "D" looked a bit to similar to the dictionary app icon.