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Language Development VR Prototype

What Can VR Offer?


• VR offers the viewer access to worlds that previously were never possible.

• Audio has become so advanced that audio creators can “trick” the viewer into thinking what they hear is real.

• One is completely submerged into the world of the VR, often unresponsive to the real world


• Motion Sickness

• Technology is clunky and hard to wear for long periods of time

How it Differs From Other Mediums

• The affordances that VR offers transcend any other immersive experience that has ever happened in history.

• Gives the viewer agency, immersion, and empathy.

• In this prototype, the experience will be focused on agency and immersion.

How Language Development Leverages VR

• In language development, immersion is key. What better way to learn a language in its native country.

• Logistically it is difficult for many to move to a new country just to learn a new language.

• It can oftentimes be difficult for one to practice a new language if those around then do not speak the language.

• One has agency and can go as fast or as slow as they like as well as practicing when the moment fits their schedule.