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June20 (Converge Retailers)

Defining The Problem

As a young software company, June20 had a dashboard that was usable for its early purposes. However, after it partnered with Verizon, the company needed a more capable dashboard to handle data from all its Verizon partner stores. At the time, the dashboard did not have a solution to storing multiple thousand points of data, and then visually showing them in a way that was usable.

My Role

To create an improved dashboard that could handle thousands of points of data from thousands of Verizon stores across the U.S. and to show the data visually in a way that would be of most use to the Verizon employees.

Old Dash Images

The Design Philosophy

  • Improve the usability by segmenting the dashboard into logical groupings

  • Apply the principles of hierarchy to highlight important statistics

  • Rethink statistics that work and don’t work for multiple thousand points of data

Early Wireframes Example

Resultant Dashboard Example

If you would like the complete rundown of the project, design decisions, or would like to talk anything else UX related, feel free to reach me at leongc@usc.edu