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Computational Social Sciences Lab USC

The Lab

The Computational Social Sciences Lab at USC is made up of an interdisciplinary group of researchers and students with backgrounds in psychology and computer science and is partnered with the Brain and Creativity Institute at USC. At the lab, human behavior is analyzed through computational, behavioral, and FMRI methods. Generally, the research centers around better understanding group dynamics and human sentiment, to make machine learning in AI more represented of contemporary human attitudes.

My Research Assistant Role

Currently, I am helping to research the link between hate speech and morality on social media platforms by annotating tweets for the aforementioned qualities. By then using these annotations to improve machine learning processes in the lab’s AI systems, the lab has created powerful AI with many real-world applications. For example, by tracking hate speech, it was able to accurately predict how many arrests were made during the Baltimore riots.

The Paper

After over a year of data collection, analysis and reporting, the paper was published and provided the scientific community with a trove of analysis in how to interpret moral behavior and its applicability as it pertains to groupthink. To view the paper, click here. For the scientific response from twitter, click here.