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Risky Decision-Making, Publishable Quality APA Style Paper

The Paper

The paper looks at the connection between personality (extroversion/introversion) and impulsive risky decision-making. The study was a hypothetical report that and the data was simulated. Although the data was simulated, the analysis and theoretical foundations are grounded in principles learned from my university's advanced research methods class. To view the paper, click here.

The Class

Psyc314 or "experimental research methods" is a comprehensive research methods class that looks specifically at the different methods that can be utilized to run a successful experiment, factors that can detract from the validity of the experiment, and research ethics. Specifically, some of the topics that the class addressed were the creation of research questions, reliability and validity, psychological measurement, experiment types (experiment, quasi-experiment, and non-experiment), and analysis/statistics. While lecture taught us these principles, in lab outside, we were to work on a publishable APA style paper of a topic of our choosing.