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The Project

Tutorfinder was a semester-long project for my user experience class that was meant to teach students the components and overall process of UX design. As conceptualized, Tutorfinder is a platform to help students find cheap and high quality tutoring without having to commit to multiple sessions, and to help tutors build a clientele through a more consistent method than word-of-mouth.

The Users

Students: Desire specialized tutoring in a one-time, low commitment session. In my research, students have overwhelmingly preferred this setup, rather than a package of tutoring sessions.

Tutors: Desire to continuously build clientele while also gaining a positive reputation and their name out. With Tutorfinder, tutors will be rated against other tutors on the site and with the increased competition will be able to stand out, leading to more clients for them, and better tutelage for students as the tutors try to stand out.

Schools: Want to make sure that students hit standards and keep up with the current teachings as well as to provide resources to aid the students.

User Persona (Student)

User Scenario

For this project, I focused on the scenario of the student, once they land on the Tutorfinder homepage. Ideally, they will search for a tutor, select one based on the information given, coordinate a time and location to meet and then meet up. This flow can be interrupted in two places however: if a user cannot find a tutor they want after search or if they are unable to coordinate a time or location to meet up with the tutor.

Initial Wireframes

Final Wireframes